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SaltWater Fish Species

A combination of understanding the fish and the techniques used to catch them will help you to hook more fish to the end of your line. Better knowing and understanding of the fish that you are trying to catch will make you a more successful angler, whether you are fishing for trout on a river or surfing on the beach or trolling on the open water.

Freshwater fish species by Family

The Codfish family species (Family Gadidae)
Atlantic Cod
Gadus morhua
Pacific Cod
Gadus macrocephalus
Greenland Cod
Gadus ogac
Baltic Cod
Gadus morhua callarias
Arctic Cod
Arctogadus glacialis
Polar Cod
Boreogadus saida
East Siberian Cod
Arctogadus borisovi
Saffron Cod
Eleginus gracilis
Eleginus navaga
Atlantic Pollock
Pollachius virens
Alaska Pollock
Theragra chalcogramma
Melanogrammus aeglefinus
The Flounders Soles family species. Flatfishes, Order Pleuronectiformes
Left eye familys: Psettoididae, Citharidae, Bothidae, Achiropsettidae, Scophthalmidae, Paralichthyidae, Cynoglossidae
Eyed Flounder
Bothus Ocellatus
Twospot Flounder
Bothus Robinsi
Mexican flounder
Cyclopsetta Chittendeni
Spotfin flounder
Cyclopsetta Fimbriata
Gray flounder
Etropus Rimosus
Shrimp flounder
Gastropsetta Frontalis
Broad flounder
Paralichthys Squamilentus
California Halibut
Paralichthys californicus
Fine flounder
Paralichthys Adspersus
Four-Spotted Flounder
Paralichthys Oblongus
Gulf flounder
Paralichthys Albigutta
Southern flounder
Paralichthys Lethostigma
Summer flounder/Fluke
Paralichthys Dentatus
Tropical flounder
Paralichthys Tropicus
Largetooth Flounder
Pseudorhombus Arsius
Peacock flounder
Pseudorhombus Argus
Right eye familys: Pleuronectidae, Samaridae, Achiridae, Soleidae
Kamchatka Flounder
Atheresthes Evermanni
Arrowtooth flounder
Atheresthes Stomias
Shotted halibut
Eopsetta Grigorjewi
Petrale sole
Eopsetta Jordani
Atlantic halibut
Hippoglossus Hippoglossus
Pacific Halibut
Hippoglossus Stenolepis
Barfin Flounder
Verasper Moseri
Spotted Halibut
Verasper Variegatus
Flathead Flounder
Hippoglossoides Dubius
Flathead Sole
Hippoglossoides Elassodon
American Plaice
Hippoglossoides Platessoides
Bering Flounder
Hippoglossoides Robustus
Butter Sole
Isopsetta Isolepis
Deepsea Sole
Embassichthys Bathybius
Witch Flounder, Grey Sole
Glyptocephalus Cynoglossus
Blackfin Flounder
Glyptocephalus Stelleri
Lemon sole
Microstomus Kitt
Dover sole
Microstomus Pacificus
Yellowtail Flounder, Rusty Flounder
Lvnanda Ferruginea
Winter Flounder/Lemon Sole
Pseudopleuronectes Americanus

The Mackerels and Tunas family species (Family Scombridae)
Atlantic Mackerel
Scomber scombrus
Atlantic Chub Mackerel
Scomber colias
Blue Mackerel
Scomber australasicus
Chub Mackerel
Scomber japonicus
Atlantic Spanish Mackerel
Scomberomorus maculatus
Australian Spotted Mackerel
Scomberomorus munroi
Broadbarred-King Mackerel
Scomberomorus semifasciatus
Indo-Pacific-King Mackerel
Scomberomorus guttatus
Japanese Spanish Mackerel
Scomberomorus niphonius
Narrow-barred-Spanish Mackerel
Scomberomorus commerson
King Mackerel
Scomberomorus cavalla
Serra Spanish Mackerel
Scomberomorus brasiliensis

The Porgy family species (Family Sparidae)
Sheepshead Porgy
Calamus penna
Jolthead Porgy
Calamus bajonado
Saucereye Porgy
Calamus calamus
Whitebone Porgy
Calamus leucosteus
Knobbed Porgy
Calamus nodosus
Littlehead Porgy
Calamus proridens
Red Porgy
Pagrus pagrus
Grass Porgy
Calamus arctifrons
Silver Porgy
Diplodus caudimacula
Scup Porgy
Stenotomus chrysops
Lagodon rhomboides
Spottail Pinfish
Diplodus holbrookii

The Sea Basses AND Grouper family species (Family Serranidae)
Black Grouper Fishing
Black Grouper
Gag Grouper Fishing
Gag Grouper
Goliath Grouper Fishing
Goliath Grouper
Marbled Grouper Fishing
Marbled Grouper
Misty Grouper Fishing
Misty Grouper
Nassau Grouper Fishing
Nassau Grouper
Red Grouper Fishing
Red Grouper
Snowy Grouper Fishing
Snowy Grouper
Tiger Grouper Fishing
Tiger Grouper
Warsaw Grouper Fishing
Warsaw Grouper
Yellowedge Grouper Fishing
Yellowedge Grouper
Yellowfin Grouper Fishing
Yellowfin Grouper
Yellowmouth Grouper Fishing
Yellowmouth Grouper
Scamp Grouper Fishing
Scamp Grouper
Black Sea Bass Fishing
Black Sea Bass
European Sea Bass Fishing
European Sea Bass
Bank Sea Bass Fishing
Bank Sea Bass
Rock Sea Bass Fishing
Rock Sea Bass
Giant Sea Bass Fishing
Giant Sea Bass
Blackfin Sea Bass Fishing
Blackfin Sea Bass

The Snapper family species (Family Lutjanidae)
Blackfin Snapper Fishing
Blackfin Snapper
Cubera Snapper Fishing
Cubera Snapper
Dog Snapper Fishing
Dog Snapper
Gray Snapper Mangrove Snapper Fishing
Gray Snapper/Mangrove Snapper
Lane Snapper Fishing
Lane Snapper
Mahogany Snapper Fishing
Mahogany Snapper
Mullet Snapper Fishing
Mullet Snapper
Mutton Snapper Fishing
Mutton Snapper
Queen Snapper Fishing
Queen Snapper
Red Snapper Fishing
Red Snapper
Schoolmaster Snapper Fishing
Schoolmaster Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper Fishing
Yellowtail Snapper

Other Saltwater species

The Albacore Fishing
Atlantic-Bonito Fishing
Atlantic Bonito
Greater Amberjack Fishing
Greater Amberjack
Bluefish Fishing
Bonefish Fishing
Cobia Fishing
Black Drum Fishing
Black Drum
Red Drum / Redfish Fishing
Red Drum / Redfish Fishing
Dolphinfish Fishing
Tautog Blackfish Fishing
Tautog / Blackfish
Chilean Sea Bass Fishing
Chilean Sea Bass
Striped Bass Fishing
Striped Bass