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Fishing rod holders adjustable horizontally and vertically, great for surf fishing, lake fishing

The fastest way to destroy or damage a fishing rod and reel is putting the rod on a sandy beach. Either you step on the rod or sand will get into the gears and lubricants and ruin your reel. You don't want this. What you want is to cast to the best-looking spot, place your fishing combo in a rod holder, put the reel in free-spool, flip on your bait clicker, sit of the folding chair, open can of bear or soda and relax until the action starts.
    The Rod Holder is long and sharp and can easily be pushed into firm ground or earth and will support a fishing rod. These rod holders are designed to accommodate surf rods or fishing poles, spinning or casting rods and reels, will allow using a very long fishing poles or rods. It is designed to offer your fishing pole a variety of positions; it is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically, can be changed to any angle perfect for you. It will allow easy access to your rod. During the initial strike, you want to be able to get your rod out of the holder quickly and easily in order to land fish.
    These rod holders are perfect for use in many fishing environments from surf fishing on the sandy beaches to the lake fishing on hard soil, excellent for pear fishing or river fishing. No more tubes, no more spike holders, no more loosing the fish because you could not get rod out of the holder fast enough. Whether you're bottom fishing or float fishing this rod holder is your best solution. And the best of all It fits all fishing rods.

165cm Telescopic Aluminum Rod Holder Support.

160cm Rod Holder Support

Sale Price: $47.10


  • 4 Telescopic Sections
  • Total Length: 5.4ft / 165cm
  • Folded Length: 2.2ft / 66cm
  • Weight: 14.5oz / 400g

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