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Our shipping department will be closed from March 24 until April 07. You may still place orders or email with any questions.
All orders will be processed on April 08. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Fishing accessories, landing nets, rod holders, fishing line, pole floats, carrying case, polarized sunglasses.

Good old days when the simple stick, some string and worm as a bait used for fishing are gone in the ancient history. Modern materials and styles of fishing tackle and fishing gear, as hooks, line, and all other accessoties have been changing throughout the decades and becoming the most modern technologies and excellence of quality while suitable for all types of fishing methods and all kinds of fish.

Tenkara Accessories

Tenkara gear is what you need to have with you on a fishing trip that makes your trip more enjoyable. For Tenkara fishing very important to have a tackle to match the species you are after, line to match your rod, assorted leaders for a different situations, variety of flies for a different kind of fish. Weather could easy change from sunny to a windy and you have to be prepared for everything to enjoy your fishing.

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Landing Nets

If you are fishing from a pier, boat, surf or shore fishing, lake fishing or river fishing this net is your best and the only solution to easily and conveniently pull large fish out of the water without breaking the rod and/or loosing the fish. It is very compact and excellent for travel. It is suitable for all kind of big fish including salmon, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Carp, Catfish, Trout, even crabs. Great for small or big game fish like Striped Bass, Tiger Muskie or Bluefish.

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Rod Holders

The Best of All These Rod Holders fit all Fishing rods from surf rods to a very long fishing poles. No more loosing the fish because you could not get rod out of the holder fast enough after the initial strike. Whether you're bottom fishing, still fishing or float fishing this rod holder is your best solution. The Best of all you don't destroy or damage a fishing rod and reel from the sand.

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Fishing Line

Line plays a major role in bait and lures presentation, in hooking fish, and in landing the fish. To choose the best line, you should consider the size of the fish you are going after, freshwater or Saltwater Fish Species, the type of tackle being used, and other factors like its diameter, length and material. Then you need to consider all important factors including proper breaking strength, diameter, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, stretch, flexibility, knot strength, stiffness, visibility and durability. Better line improve your catch rate and get the job done.

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Pole Floats

Pole floats have stream-lined design; they are ultra light and sensitive, only being used as a bite indicator.
They have small body located nearer the top of the float and slim stem. Stems have to be very strong and very light. It can be made of variety materials with different characteristics: cane, thin gauge wire, spring steel, fiber glass, plastic or carbon fiber. The body is typically made from very floating and pretty strong balsa wood. There are many different variations of pole floats: Body-up, Body-down, Shoulder-up and Slim body pole floats. Different shapes and designs are affect the way the float sits in the water and responds to fish bait.

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Fishing Bag

Travel fishing rod carrying bag is totally necessary for the dedicated fisherman. Bag is very comfortable to carry through airports. You can put rods and reels, landing net, rod holder, everythuing you need on your fishing trip. You can carry it on the plane and every where you go. When you get to a distant destination you can go fishing even if your checked bags get lost.
    You can rig up the night before and break down the rod and put it in the carrier. When your jet boat or plane lands at the fishing spot you are ready to go in no time. The other people will be wasting a lot of time rigging up. First one on the river gets his choice of spots.

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Eagle Claw 2X Treble Hook

The Eagle Claw 374TS Treble Hook is designed for great presenting salmon eggs, trout floating bait, floating power eggs. Easy to use for different leader lengths to fish it right off the bottom, or above the weed beds. Perfectly tempered and forged for strength, with a micro-ground point, this premium hook provides the ultimate in hooking and holding strength. Time tested heat treating process ensures hooks are strong and durable. 2X strong, regular shank, straight point.
  • Designed to hold salmon eggs, trout floating bait, Floating Power eggs
  • Forged and tempered
  • 2X strong, regular shank
  • Micro-ground straight point
  • Superior hooking and holding power
  • Features an innovative design
  • Lazer Sharp quality
  • Hooks are made from high carbon steel
  • Ideal replacement hook for hardbaits

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Carp Fishing Rigs with swivel, coil and 6 hooks

Carp rigs are great for bottom fishing, to create and place ball of groundbait feeder on the bottom.
  • Each rig has swivel, coil, 6 hooks on braided line
  • Coil shape:cone, size:25x15mm
  • 6 Carbon steel hooks
  • Available in sizes: 7-13

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Prepare a ball of groundbait feeder mixture. Put the bait ball on the spring and press coil into the ball with force. Press it, knead it with your hands until the ball of groundbait is tight on the string. Stick the hooks into the ball. You can stick hooks in the five pointed star shape with ringlet at the bottom or you can place hooks flat on the ball and then cover them with additional mixture of groundbait. You can also put a bait like corn on the hook and then stick a ring gently down into the bowl so that the bait is stuck to it. Carp typically gently nudge the bait sucking it in very slowly to test it. When the ball of groundbait mixture is dropped to the bottom of the water, it does not matter on which side it falls, at least 2 hooks will always be on top. Carp tries the bait 3 or 4 times before actually taking it, together with the bait it will suck one or two hooks.
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EZ Hook Line Keeper Set of 2

The major function of EZ Keeper is to secure your lures and assist hooks without damaging guides or cork handles. The folding design keeps it out of the way when not in use. The EZ keeper is very useful when you collapse your fishing pole rod for storing without removing your hook or when quickly transporting from spot to another spot and keep lines from getting tangled or items hooked.

  • Comes with 4 Rubber O-rings to fit most blank diameters.
  • Easy to use, attaches quickly.
  • Adapts to any position on the rod.
  • Folds down out of the way when not in use.
  • Useful with a wide range of hooks sizes.
  • An easy way to maintain a rigged worm.
  • Keeps guides and reels from being damaged.
  • Works great as a line keeper to stop lines from getting tangled up.
  • Also good when on your boat.

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Polarized Sunglasses

Any surface can be a source of glare: water, sand, wet or dry pavement, buildings, windshields, ice, snow. Glare can be 7 to 10 times brighter than ambient light and can be as much as 65 percent of the light seen. Polarized lenses minimize glare and UV transmission. Polarization cuts through the surface glare and reflections, making it possible to look into the water and focus on the bottom.
    When the sun shines on the water, the light (reflected glare) becomes polarized, and this is the reason you cannot see anything under the water, even if the water is crystal clear. Only you can see is the glare on the water. Polarized sunglasses have polarized filters to help block the light reflection from the waters surface so you will be able to see under the waters surface the spotting fish and structures.

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