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What food you can combine to benefit the body

Eat more fruit and vegetables to enhance your health and to support your immune system and stop eating junk food. Eating fish full of OMEGA-3 oil help to maintain mental function; eating high-fiber foods improve energy levels. Nothing healthy you can find in junk food; only trans fats acids, which can raise total and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels while also lowering HDL (good) cholesterol levels - a particularly harmful type of fat.

Combination of some food can bring a magical power.

You may know that milk can give you strong bones and carrots help sharpen your eyesight. Orange juice provides us with vitamins and minerals, which are enough for the whole day. Whole wheat bread provides a rich supply of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and a set of carbohydrate necessary to maintain strength during the day. During the summer and autumn the fresh fruit are full of vitamins and minerals. In winter and early spring, better to use dried fruits: apricots, prunes, figs, raisins, pears. Cheese provides a rich supply of protein and calcium. Honey - a storehouse of energy will allow us to quickly feel a surge of strength and protection from stress during the day.
But what you may not know is that you can get more disease-fighting bang by eating certain foods together.

Don't mix foods that fight – Mix foods that help.

It is very good to eat every night before going to bed: 1 fig, 5 dried apricots and 1 prune. For better result better to eat this for at least 1.5 months.
  • Figs help to prevent cancer, it is a folk remedy for the treatment of bronchitis, normalize the thyroid gland, help to eliminate the parasites from the intestines.
  • Apricot dried is a storehouse of nutrients, including phosphorus, iron, calcium, carotene, and vitamin B5. These fruits have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle due to potassium content, in addition, apricots excellent prevention of cancer.
  • Prunes, dried plums help with a gastro-intestinal tract. Infusion of prunes helps get rid of constipation and the normalization of the digestive system. They are useful for heart problems and high blood pressure problems, for kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disease and atherosclerosis. And thanks to the high concentration of vitamin A, it also improves vision.
  • These fruits contain substances that cause recovery tissues that make up the soft intervertebral discs. Also, these substances make these tissues more resistant and resilient. Strengthening these tissues causes the spines to takes their normal place without external physical correction. Substances are not contained in each fruit separately but formed when mixed. Also, it contains a combination of magical power which can increase sexual power men and women.

  • Orange juice and oatmeal together is an excellent combination of meal helping to purify vessels, clean arteries and prevent heart attacks. Combine together these products increase organic compounds phenols, found in both, better stabilize bad cholesterol level, twice as effectively than eaten separately.
  • Green tea and lemon. Green tea rich in catechins, powerful antioxidants, rev up metabolism, and keep you hydrated. When drunk with lemon, it reduces the breakdown of its catechins in our digestive system, and your body absorbs 13 times as many more antioxidants. Green tea benefits become turbocharged combined with citrus juice from a lemon, lime or grapefruit.
  • Coffee and a bun together is an excellent combination of meal helps the human brain to make the fullest, significantly increasing the activity of brain cells which are responsible for its cognitive function and memory.
  • Yogurt and fruit together is an excellent combination of lot of healthy vitamins containing in fruits and trace elements are absorbed in the body with the help of yogurt. Also yogurt helps to flow harmful toxins after taking antibiotics out of your body, it significantly reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics.
  • Yogurt and bananas the combining of two macronutrients: carbs and proteins are increases levels of insulin. More insulin allows muscles to quickly soak up repair nutrients like amino acids and glucose after a workout so they recover shortly after exercise and become stronger.
  • Eggs and cantaloupe - the most popular breakfast with protein works even better when you eat it with cantaloupe, the good source of beneficial carbohydrates. It will bring us energy and the same time protein slows the absorption of glucose, or sugar, from carbohydrates. It helps by minimizing insulin and blood-sugar spikes, which are preventing from diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.
  • Blueberries and grapes together is the most powerful combination creating the maximum number of antioxidants out of the whole set of options for fruits and berries. Together, these products provide more health benefits than eating separately. They create synergies - components products significantly enhance the beneficial properties of each other. This mix have a greater antioxidant response, no single antioxidant can replace the combination of natural phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables.
  • Apples and chocolate. Apples are rich in quercetin, especially in skin, anti-inflammatory antioxidants, which are also reduces the risk of heart attack, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, prostate and lung cancers and allergies. Chocolate is rich of catechins, which reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and cancer. Together they are an excellent combination of quercetin and catechins, which prevent thrombosis, provide anticoagulant activity and improve cardio-vascular system.
  • Apples and raspberries. Raspberries are rich in antioxidant ellagic acid (also found in pomegranates, walnuts and cranberries), which enhanced the ability of quercetin, an anti-inflammatory flavonoid, an antioxidant found in apples (also in grapes, onion and buckwheat) to kill off cancerous cells. Together they work better to improve the disease-fighting powers of antioxidants.
  • Apples and red wine. Apples contain an anti-inflammatory flavonoid called quercetin, while red wine contains the flavonoid catechin. Together, they work to prevent blood clots and improve cardiovascular functioning.
  • Fish and red wine. The wine, rich in heart-healthy polyphenol antioxidants, helps soak up healthy omega-3 fats from fish, such as trout, salmon and sardines. Combine equal amounts of olive oil, soy sauce and a dry red wine in a large bowl. Add high in omega-3 fish fillets and marinate in the fridge for one hour before cooking. Enjoy a glass of red wine with fish entrée and get healthy benefits of red wine, contains the flavonoid catechin and Omega-3 oil.
  • Broccoli and fish like salmon, tuna, flounder, and also shrimp are combined the nutrients much more effective at fighting cancer than either of nutrient alone.
  • Green tea extract and fish. Combining green or black tea extract with fish may block the toxin mercury, found in some seafood, from entering your blood.
  • Garlic and Fish. When combined, the cholesterol-reducing fish oils and heart-healthy garlic can act as an anti-inflammatory agent, lowers your total cholesterol better than eating fish or garlic alone. Minerals such as zinc, iron, copper, iodine, and selenium work as cofactors to make the best use of the natural anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-reducing fish oils EPA and DHA. Garlic keeps down the small increase in LDL cholesterol that might result from fish-oil supplements.
  • Beans and tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C, which helps change plant-based (non-heme) iron, found in plant foods such as beans, leafy greens and fortified cereals, to a form that is similar to what's found in fish and red meats and more easily absorbed by our bodies. Iron is necessary for carrying oxygen to red blood cells, for producing hemoglobin, which transports oxygen to muscles and the brain and staving off muscle fatigue. Combined tomatoes as source of vitamin C and beans help significantly increase your iron intake for better brain and muscle function. Low levels of iron can lead to weakness and poor concentration.
  • Tomato and olive oil. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an antioxidant, which helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. But lycopene is also fat-soluble, which means mixing it with a little healthy, monounsaturated fat like olive oil helps increase the amount of lycopene absorbed by the body up to ten times. It is not a secret that tomato has a few cameras that resemble the structure of the heart.
  • Tomato and avocadoes. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a pigment-rich antioxidant known as a carotenoid, which reduces cancer risk and cardiovascular disease. Mix the tomatoes with a little fat from avocado, which make carotenoids more bioavailable, helps to absorb lycopene better. It is very healthy to add tomatoes to guacamole.
  • Salads and olive oil. Green leafy vegetables eaten with full-fat dressing’s help with the absorption of another carotenoid called lutein, which helps to benefit vision. Fat-soluble carotenoid antioxidants, such as lycopene in tomatoes and eye-protecting lutein in leafy greens, are better absorbed with some healthy fat. Even sprinkle walnuts, pistachios, or grated cheese over your greens with light olive oil increase the amount of lutein absorbed.
  • Salads and lemon juice. Leeks, beet greens, kale, spinach, mustard greens, Swiss chard, and fortified cereals eaten with vitamin C from citrus fruits, like lemon, help change plant-based iron, necessary for carrying oxygen to red blood cells for producing hemoglobin, to a form that is similar to iron found in fish and red meats. This mix will increase your immunity and muscle strength much moret than by eating these foods separately.
  • Beef and carrots. Mix beef rich in protein with carrots rich in vitamin A will boost your immune function. The Vitamin A is best absorbed when bound to a protein. Plus, the beef delivers an extra dose of zinc, which protects against weakening of the immune system.
  • Red meat and rosemary. Rosemary, which contains the antioxidants rosmarinic acid and carnosic acid, help to lower the amount of the cancer-causing heterocyclic amines (carcinogens) in the well-cooked grill. Its antioxidants literally soak up and neutralize the meat's dangerous free radicals, which are the cancer-causing reason and one of the key causes of signs of aging.
  • Turmeric and black pepper. Turmeric, a tangy yellow South Asian spice used in curry dishes, has curcumin, an active agent: plant chemical, or polyphenol. It has strong anticancer properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and tumor-fighting activities - anti-angiogenesis. Combining with black pepper increases curcumin's bioavailability by 1,000 times, due to black pepper's hot property called piperines. This combination is one of the main advocates of "Anti-cancer" diet.
  • Peanuts and whole wheat. Peanuts are rich of the specific amino acids, the best form of protein, necessary to build and maintain muscle, especially as you get older. Whole wheat bread is rich of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and a set of carbohydrate necessary to maintain strength during the day. One meal daily of a peanut-butter sandwich made of whole-wheat bread and peanut-butter without added sugar and any chemical ingredients will give you the complete chain of amino acids and supply of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrate and fiber.

Some food have a magical power and can be used as a Medicine.

  • Have High Fever? Eat lots of yogurt and honey before pollen season.
  • Have Pain from Arthritis? Fish, like Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel and Sardines, have high level of omega oils. Fish oil good for your immune system, which can help to prevent arthritis.
  • Have Asthma? Onion can help ease constriction of bronchial tubes. Also you can place on chest onion packs which can help the respiratory ailments and actually made breathing better.
  • Have Insomnia, Sleeplessness? Honey, a storehouse of energy which will allow you quickly feel a surge of strength and protection from stress during the day. Use honey as a tranquilizer and sedative.
  • Have High Blood Pressure? Celery and Olive Oil help to lower blood pressure. Thanks to chemicals which celery has.
  • Have a Headache? Fish, having high level of omega oils, can help prevent headaches. Ginger helps to reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Have Blood Sugar Imbalance? Broccoli and peanuts are full of chromium, which can help to regulate insulin and blood sugar.
  • Have Upset Stomach? Bananas can help to settle an upset stomach. Ginger can help to cure morning sickness, vomiting and nausea.
  • Have Clogged Arteries? Avocado is full of mono unsaturated fat which can help to lower level of bad cholesterol.
  • Have Bladder Infection? Drink lots of Cranberry juice. High-acid cranberry juice controls harmful bacteria.
  • Have Coughing? Red Pepper, hot or cayenne has a substance helping to reduce cough.
  • Have a Diarrhea? Apples and Bananas are good helping to stop it. You can grate an apple with the skin, let it turn brown and eat it.
  • Have Bone Problems? Pineapple full of manganese helps to prevent bone fractures and osteoporosis.
  • Have Memory Problems? Oysters full of zinc which are necessary for helping improve your mental and memory functioning.
  • Have Colds? Eat Garlic. Helps with the cold, also can lower cholesterol level.
  • Have Breast Cancer? Eat Wheat, Bran (Fiber) and Cabbage. It helps to maintain estrogen at healthy levels.
  • Have Lung Cancer? Eat Dark Green and Orange Veggies full of good antidote is beta carotene, a form of Vitamin A.
  • Have Ulcers? Eat Cabbage which contains chemicals that help heal both gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  • To Prevent Stroke – Drink tea, which help to prevent build-up of fatty deposits on artery walls. Tea suppresses appetite and keeps the pounds from invading. Green tea is great for our immune system.

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