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Our shipping department will be closed from March 24 until April 07. You may still place orders or email with any questions.
All orders will be processed on April 08. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Monofilament Fishing Line made of Japan fiber.

Line plays a major role in bait and lures presentation, in hooking fish, and in landing the fish. Important parameters of a fishing line are proper breaking strength, diameter, abrasion resistance, UV resistance, stretch, flexibility, knot strength, stiffness, visibility and durability.
    Monofilament line is a thin string made of polymer, a single strand of fiber, know as nylon fishing line. Nylon Monofilament is a single-component item, which is formed through a compressing process in which mixture of polymers are heated until fluid and then extruded through tiny holes to form strands of line, it is a co-product of crude oil conversion. The most benefits are of its strength, availability in all pound-test kinds, and low cost. The size of the hole controls the diameter of the line which is the pound test of the line. The type of chemicals in the mixture can control qualities of the line like limpness, strength, toughness and other important casting factors.

Hi Tech Premium Co-Polymer Super Strong X-Power Fishing Line made in Japan

This premium copolymer line made from special blend of pa6 and pa66 polymers to give a very high breaking strain with minimum stretch.
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Line has excellent transparency, suppleness and abrasion resistance to make it the perfect choice for professional anglers. The line is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater applications where a very high level of consistency and performance are required. This is one of most versatile lines that is used worldwild in many different situations. The special copolymer blend has been developed and refined over the years to offer a consistent product with good knot strength, high impact strength and excellent handling. This monofilament fishing lines offer small diameter and superior breaking strength, it demonstrated the greatest overall performance of any of the lines.
  • Made in Japan
  • Available in diameter/strength: 0.157mm/2.03kg, 0.165mm/2.22kg, 0.181mm/2.61kg, 0.202mm/3.10kg, 0.234mm/4.05kg, 0.261mm/5.01kg, 0.286mm/5.87kg.
  • Capacity: 100m
  • Clear color invisible in the water
  • Maximum knot strength
  • Abrasion resistant

Ultimate performance premium tournament nylon monofilament fishing line Kasugo made by Toray

This is brand new nylon monofilament fishing line manufactured by Toray Monofilament Co., Ltd. The Japanese Toray line has developed utilizing its fiber manufacturing technology, using nylon or fluorocarbon materials, and is widely recognized by serious anglers throughout the world for its excellent knot strength and superior durability. It's designed for tournament anglers, especially for fresh water fishing.
    This low-memory, premium tournament line features a smaller diameter for longer, smoother casts and less drag when trolling or battling a fish, which make it the most suitable line for Pole fishing, Hera fishing. It features Consistent diameter, this helps the line without any weak point. And enhance the strength of the line, it supplies a very strong knot strength, excellent abrasion resistance, durability, and its special light-diffusing properties make it invisible to fish.
    This high-impact performance line is designed to reduce the shock and fatigue of fighting big fish in fresh and saltwater, while its extra-tough, abrasion-resistant formula stands up to the cuts and scrapes of full-contact fishing. Offering tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests, It is offering very special soft supple finish, and silicon coating. These characteristics ensure greater castability on both spinning and baitcasting reels, and the soft supple finish enhances the presentation of both live bait and lures.

Color Grey
Color Blue
Color Red
Color Brown
Color Purple
Thickness Index
Line Strength










  • Sale Price: $5.20
  • Made by Toray
  • Capacity: 50m
  • Available in diameter/strength: 0.165mm/2.88kg, 0.181mm/3.45kg, 0.203mm/4.26kg, 0.234mm/5.45kg, 0.261mm/6.83kg, 0.286mm/8.00kg, 0.309mm/9.35kg, 0.331mm/10.50kg, 0.370mm/12.90kg, 0.405mm/15.30kg.
  • Available in a variety of easily visible colors: purple, blue, red, coffee and grey
  • Maximum knot strength
  • Abrasion resistant

Main characteristics of Monofilament Line

    Stretch makes line more forgiving when a big fish makes a strong run, but it also makes it harder to set the hook, except if the fish are being finicky and not slamming the lure when they bite. Monofilament gives you the extra time you need to let the fish get it in it's mouth before you set the hook. Monofilament can absorb water resulting in loose knots, and its sensitivity can decrease when it is wet.
    Monofilament degrades with time and can weaken when exposed to heat and sunlight. When stored on a spool for a long time, it may come off the fishing reel in coils or loops. A premium grade nylon monofilament line is high quality and more abrasion-resistant, have a lot of additives what makes line stronger. It is also more expensive than a regular monofilament line, it is more consistent in strength, color, and diameter.
    Monofilament is best suited for freshwater fishing in streams or lakes because it is forgiving, they stretch better and less visible in water. A limp, flexible monofilament line is the best for spinning reels. It won't be as strong and will have more stretch, but it will work best for casting and retrieval. A stiffer line is best for baitcasting reels. It will be more abrasion resistant. Because mono floats, you can keep the spinnerbait right up near the surface more easily, especially on long casts. It is often important to keep a spinnerbait near the surface so fish can't get a good look at the lure, and mono allows you to do this easily. It comes in many different colors such as white, green, blue, clear, and fluorescent, suitable for different situations.

  • Abrasion Resistance - Due to the unique molecular bonding of our monofilament lines, there is a much higher resistance to breaking due to nicks in the line. This monofilament lines will resist breaking longer under the worst conditions, such as rubbing against rocks, barnacles, stumps and other underwater structure.
  • Thin Diameter - a line with a small diameter has several advantages. Small diameter line will allows an angler's lure to dive deeper, since there is less resistance as the line cuts through the water. Because there is less resistance from the line, lures or baits will perform more accurately and life-like with the desired action. Smaller diameter line means more line on your reel. Smaller diameter line will be less visible to the fish, especially when you fish with the line straight to your lure, bait or hook. When fishing for fast and agile fish that maneuvers in different directions, there is less resistance from the water and less pressure on the line. This monofilament fishing lines have the smallest diameter and the highest breaking strength as compared to other monofilaments.
  • High Knot Strength - the majority of line breaks occur at the knot. No matter how strong the line is, tying a knot in the line can weaken the line by as much as 50%. This line has the least loss of strength at the knot because of the dramatic tensile strength benefit.
  • Light, Limp, Supple - without tension and the slinky effect, the limp line passes through rod guides unrestricted and smoothly.
  • High Impact Resistance - this monofilament fishing line has improved tensile strength, shock and impact resistance, it provides the angler with the ability to use smaller diameter lines, gaining obvious advantages, without the loss of strength or control.
  • Low Spool Memory - any monofilament fishing line due to its chemical properties is stiff with tension and will take on the rounded form of the reel spool, known as spool memory. It is the mainly reason for most backlashes and bird nests in bait-casting reels, and for the slinky effect of spinning reels. Following factors increase line memory: spooling line too tightly on the reel, over filling the reel, and leaving the line on the reel for too long a period. This line spool memory is reduced.