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Self-cleaning Health Benefits
Cleansing the body with hot water
Drinking Water Health Benefits
Strengthening teeth with sea salt

Help your body in self-cleaning

Over the life of a person in his body accumulates a huge amount of waste and fossilized feces. Even if you go to the toilet every day, it is not sufficient for a healthy gut and clean, and the whole organism.
    Older people reasonably ask: “Why before we did not have any drugs or any medication, and people did not get sick, and the joints were flexible, and they lived longer, some to be a 100 years old, and no one did no cleaning ... “ There are some truth in such question. The fact is that before the food was completely different, much healthier. Accounted for the bulk of roughage with a high content of fiber, which contributed to the good intestinal peristalsis. Bread from wheat flour contained the entire periodic table, and the environment was different ... Do not be discounted and fasting, which allowed to unload the body, helping it to self-cleaning. All of this together: food, rich in fiber, physical activity and fasting periods (posts) has been the key to health.
    The modern diet is far from perfect, and in most cases consists of refined foods, and it is good only for the language on those short-lived second, that it is in the mouth, and to the body, in essence, it is a poison! It's true: Refined food does not contribute to the intestines, and on the contrary, it makes it difficult, covering it with slime. Classical finely ground flour does not contain a so necessary for our body tissue, and the bread out of it cannot be called useful, rather the opposite.

Attention, parasites in your body!

As a result of poor digestion (the result of supply of refined foods) in the body begin to accumulate toxins. Due to the sluggish bowel motility is not completely cleared and stools, gradually transformed in the process of dehydration in fecal stones. Our intestine is arranged in such a way that there are very many nooks places where these rocks and deposited and their number is increasing every day. On top of that, this is a gut perfect breeding ground for parasites.
    Toxic wastes and fecal parasites constantly absorbed into our bloodstream through the intestinal wall. Our body tries to protect itselves and to avoid intoxication, begins to build up fat around the gut as a barrier to absorb toxins. Want to lose weight? Help your body in a natural self-cleaning, and it is possible that any diet thereafter be required.

How to determine the problems?

A reasonable question arises, how to determine what are the problems, what your body wound up uninvited guests and accumulated mass of filth? It's quite simple: Go to the mirror and look at yourself. First look at your skin. If your body is clean, the skin will be too clean, pink and velvety. Any pus formation, purulent indicates a problem with the intestines. The skin takes on the first beat and begins to help flush toxins out, to avoid self-poisoning. These toxins are released in the form of rashes and various ulcers.
    Next, if you have any allergies? This means that your body is packed to overflowing with sewage and the largest blood filter - the liver cannot cope.
    Dull hair and nails are exfoliating and break down? Aching joints and trouble with the spine? Hard to get up in the morning and the last time you swell… Do not be surprised, but it's - also, first of all, indicates that your body is intoxicated. What to do in this case? Urgent help our body in a self-cleaning? Certainly not! We are starting to drink handfuls of pills for allergies and completely destroy an already clogged the liver.

What to do?

No wonder that after all that you have learned, you will start a real panic, and this will be your first question. Quite simply, it is necessary to help your body in a self-cleaning. First of all, you should adjust and establish the bowels. How to do it? For starters you will have to completely rethink the power. In your diet should be included a sufficient amount of water (Coke, drinks, soda - it's not water) and fiber (fruits and vegetables, bread from wheat flour). You should eliminate refined foods. Cakes, sweets, semi-finished products - everything is a disaster for your body and, above all, for the intestine. You should forget about the canned!
    Next - is the liver. Always feel sleepy and do not have enough energy? This is signal the liver sent to you, it's time to pay attention to it. Contraindicated in hepatic fatty, salty and sweet. This does not mean that you should completely give up these foods; just everything is good when it is in balance. Take advantage of the popular recipe and cook yourself rosehip infusion: 3 tbsp. rosehip hips pour 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos for overnight. In the morning take a glass of hot infusion and lie down on his right side for 15 minutes.
    Good help in the self-cleaning your liver becomes lemon drink (squeeze one fresh lemon in a glass of water and add a teaspoon of honey), and simple salads with olive oil. Do not forget that the first enemy of the liver - is alcohol and cigarettes. Make the right choice ...
    In autumn freshly prepared watermelon juice is a great flushing for your kidneys. All juices should be freshly prepared, if you are not allergic and hypersensitive to them. The juice from a pack or a can is not a real juice, it is just the sweet drink, and preservatives in is much more than just vitamins.
    You can endlessly engage in treatment of its various ills of the joints or varicose veins, but the results tend to be unstable. Moreover, taking handfuls of drugs (poor liver), you just add more toxins in your body. That's because, trying to cure the consequences and not the cause of the disease, you will not get anywhere. The human body - a unique system, and if it just does not pollute, but to help him, he is able to cleanse itself and recover! Simply, do not disturb him.

Cleansing the body with hot water.

We live in a such polluted and intoxicated world that the issue of cleansing the body and maintaining your health gets up in front of us all the time. People are practicing cleansing the body with water for a long time, since all our bodies are almost completely made of water. There are huge amount of different methods and techniques for cleansing the body, but the well-known and most simplicity method is with hot water. This method of purification can clean the body, get rid of waste and toxins, and it does not required to starve or eat a specific food. Toxins and waste products, undigested food residues that accumulate in the body, block the normal functioning of the body and cause a disturbance dosha. The source of its origin can be a stale, oily and junk food. Drinking hot water promotes decomposition of the day, and then removal toxins from the body. The result of this clarification - not only lightness in the body and a feeling of cheerfulness. Somehow, quite inexplicably comes to the order and the nervous system, improves sleep and overall health.
    Purification of hot water should be carried out as follows:
  • 1. First, the water should be very hot, so you have to blow on it before taking a sip.
  • 2. It is important the frequency, not quantity of water you drink. Hot water should be drunk from morning throughout the day and as often as possible, literally every half hour. You should have two or three sips minimum, with no maximum, the more - the better.
  • 3. Cleaning will take place gradually, so the more you practice this technique, the better. The body begins to clean out of itself toxins and harmful substances from the first day of using. You will start to feel just a process of purification right away. You should feel much better, easier to move, have a lot of energy, body became lighter and more flexible.

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