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Self-cleaning Health Benefits

Strengthening teeth with sea salt.

Is it possible to strengthen the teeth by yourself, at home? Yes! You can! And it is very easy!

Strengthening the teeth is a procedure in the dental office is quite complicated and lengthy. And this requires special knowledge and products. But the problem can be solved much easier, and not leaving the house. And the money is to be spent on much less.
Sea salt Regular salt can help to strengthen the gums and teeth, prevents putrefaction, and able to get rid of the unpleasant taste and odor in the mouth, removes bad breath. And besides, there is a pleasant side effect - salt removes tartar and bleaches the enamel, well whiten teeth. And besides, which is also important to care for your teeth and mouth can be used any salt, even cookery, however much more efficient is sea salt. It is rich in minerals and trace elements, which have a beneficial effect on the gums and teeth. Such elements as calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, sodium, phosphorus, nickel, iron play that extra, but extremely important role in strengthening the gums. Besides bactericidal properties of sea salt due to the iodine content, manganese is higher than its cooking salt. Besides, a certain amount of saline solution with all the elements contained in it is absorbed through the mucous membrane, already falling directly into the human body.

    It has been observed for a long time that people, who prefer salty foods, usually have very strong teeth, and are much less likely to suffer from diseases of the teeth and gums. Chinese are brushing their teeth with sea salt for centuries and do not know what is tooth decay, not familiar with caries.
    Therapeutic effect of sea water has long been proved by scientists. Dutch scientist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek in 1674 made a significant discovery of the existence of bacteria and then a method for killing of microbes in the mouth when using salts. During experiment with flush from his own teeth, under the lens of the microscope, invented by him, he saw a lot of little unsettled - microbes. He rubbed his teeth with a cloth moistened with saline (salty water) and found that the new microbe was not flushing. After this experience, the scientist all his life, and he lived in '93, just brushed my teeth with salt.

What is the modern method of strengthening teeth with sea salt?

But how can strengthen your teeth with sea salt? Dissolve in a glass of warm water one teaspoon of sea salt and rinse your mouth after each brushing with this solution. You can completely abandon the toothpaste and brush your teeth only with salt by dipping a wet brush into fine salt. Because salt is fine disinfects you can start brushing teeth in the evening with salt, and in the morning with toothpaste! The disinfecting effect of salt will remain until next morning. People with sensitive, bleeding gums better use saline starting with a very low concentration, and gradually increasing the amount of salt.
    After a week of medical saline rinses your gums and teeth will become healthier and much stronger, the enamel will become whiter.
    When rinsing the oral cavity with a solution of sea salt transmucosal enter the human body trace elements contained in it.

Salt is an excellent analgesic and antiseptic.

Therefore, acute dental pain intensive rinsing with concentrated salt solution gives a good analgesic effect. Even when there is an acute toothache, then rinse your mouth a strong salt solution helps to reduce it, and sometimes they get rid of the pain. But the value of sea salt is not limited to the ability to care for your teeth.
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