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Self-cleaning Health Benefits

Drinking Water Health Benefits

In the case of fatigue, stress, irritability, doctors advise slowly and intently to drink 1-2 glasses of water.

Why is water so critical?

Our body is a whole "water management": 65-70% consists of water. Muscle consists of 70-75% water, brain and fat tissues - 75%, in the bones there is 22-50% of water, blood contains 93% water, about 70% is concentrated within the cells, and 30% is the extracellular water, which is divided into two parts: about 7% - is the blood and lymph, and the rest is interstitial washing the cells.
    Every your movement is using water. When you blink - the water wets the eyeball. When you swallow - the water moistens the esophagus. With each exhalation supply of water in the body is depleted. With age, the sense of thirst is dulled. Often in later life in humans muscles become decrepit, broken clarity of thought, and the reason is that their muscles and the brain do not have enough water. Even the body might not even ask for water, water is a necessary condition for the existence of a living and plays a critical role in the life of the organism.
    The main physiological functions of water are filtering, solvent, temperature controller, media (transport and information role). Water dissolves the nutrients for their penetration into the cell, providing a continuous process of destruction and restoration of living tissue, it is involved in the chemical processes in digestion, take them through the kidneys and skin, and flushes waste products, harmful substances. Without water, the implementation of the exchange process and maintaining the heat balance of body temperature are not function normal.
    Dehydration of a few percent leads to disruption of its activity, causes fatigue. The loss of a large body of water is dangerous to human life. With the consumed of the amount of water and content of salt with it the processes of digestion and assimilation of food, hematopoiesis is broken. The human quickly feels a violation of the water balance. If the amount of water in the human body decreases by 2.1% (0.5-1L), a person feel thirsty, decreasing by 5.8% (3.2 L) make skin wrinkled and mouth dry, consciousness is obscured, may appear hallucinations, loss of 10% moisture (~ 5 L) is a disorder of the mental apparatus, impaired swallowing reflex, with a loss of 14-15% (7-8 liters) a person dies.

What are the signs of water deficit in the body?

  • 1. The change of mood. Since the brain is 85% water, when her lack of a man becomes irritable, lost the clarity of thinking, headache, ringing in the ears, it covers depression. If the water content in the brain is reduced to 70% may develop acute psychosis, delusions and hallucinations.
  • 2. Fatigue. A person feels tired if blood contaminated with a large amount of harmful substances, which cannot be removed without sufficient volume of water. If you drink enough water you can prevent fatigue, become more balanced and less vulnerable to stress and disease. Therefore, if you have to work hard, drink more.
  • 3. Dry mouth. Mucous 90% water, with its lack of language becomes furred, an unpleasant smell, saliva thickens and difficult absorption of food. For this reason, it would be desirable to wash down the food during the meal.
  • 4. The skin condition. If insufficient intake of fluids in the body is the skin becomes dry, wrinkled and pale. The surface of the body, "weathered".
  • 5. The low resistance of the organism. With a lack of water, white blood cells, which are responsible for defending the body against infection, are unable to perform their duties. As a result, you are often too sick colds and other illnesses, because "soldiers," who are in our blood without water lose their ability to hunt down and destroy the "enemies" (germs, bacteria, viruses). Water helps reduce fever, intoxication, normalize metabolism.

When and how much to drink the water?

It depends on the weather and the type of activity. On average, during the day we lose approximately 2.5 liters or 10 cups of water. 1.5 liters we lose through the kidneys, about 0.5 liters through the skin, 200-300 ml over a chair, and 200-300 ml through the lungs. About 4-5 cups we fill up with food. So the rest, 5-6 cups we should consider drinking.
    To find out what is the minimum amount of water you should drink every day, simply divide your weight by 12. For example: if your weigh is 70 kg, divide 70 by 12, the minimum amount of water for you - 6 cups. Plan your water intake as follows: two cups of warm water immediately after getting up in the morning and you do not have to spend money on a laxative. Another two cups take between breakfast and lunch, and 1-2 between lunch and dinner. It is important not to drink water during the meals together with the food, as water and other beverages can dilute the gastric juice, slowing the digestion during meals. Either you drink 30-60 minutes before meals or 1-2 hours after.
    Do not drink at one time a large amount of water. This can overload of the heart. Teach your body to use more water gradually. Increase the amount you drink slowly. Drink 6-8 cups of water and you will be able to solve the problem of being overweight. Feel hungry? Drink some water, and your liver will start to actively transform fats into useful energy.

What to do?

Drinking plenty of water will help you to resist diseases, fatigue, and depression. You save the clarity of thought and youth. Water is the most inexpensive and effective "medicine", which is always at your disposal.

Cleansing the body with hot water

We live in a such polluted and intoxicated world that the issue of cleansing the body and maintaining your health gets up in front of us all the time. People are practicing cleansing the body with water for a long time, since all our bodies are almost completely made of water. There are huge amount of different methods and techniques for cleansing the body, but the well-known and most simplicity method is with hot water. This method of purification can clean the body, get rid of waste and toxins, and it does not required to starve or eat a specific food. Toxins and waste products, undigested food residues that accumulate in the body, block the normal functioning of the body and cause a disturbance dosha. The source of its origin can be a stale, oily and junk food. Drinking hot water promotes decomposition of the day, and then removal toxins from the body. The result of this clarification - not only lightness in the body and a feeling of cheerfulness. Somehow, quite inexplicably comes to the order and the nervous system, improves sleep and overall health.
    Purification of hot water should be carried out as follows:
  • 1. First, the water should be very hot, so you have to blow on it before taking a sip.
  • 2. It is important the frequency, not quantity of water you drink. Hot water should be drunk from morning throughout the day and as often as possible, literally every half hour. You should have two or three sips minimum, with no maximum, the more - the better.
  • 3. Cleaning will take place gradually, so the more you practice this technique, the better. The body begins to clean out of itself toxins and harmful substances from the first day of using. You will start to feel just a process of purification right away. You should feel much better, easier to move, have a lot of energy, body became lighter and more flexible.

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