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The Silver Porgy fish identification, habitats, characteristics, Fishing methods

The Silver Porgy Fishing Silver porgy, Diplodus argenteus, , of the family Sparidae, also known as sparkling spot porgy or spottail pinfish occur in Western Atlantic: Southern Florida, Bahamas, Antilles, and coast of South America, from Brazil to Argentina, including Uruguay.

Silver porgy have large, saddle-shaped black spot on the upper side of the tail. They also have total of 12 dorsal fins with 13 14 dorsal soft rays, 3 anal spines and 12 -14 anal soft rays. Color is silvery with about 9 faint narrow dark vertical bars on upper two-thirds of body.
Porgies, of the family Sparidae, are related to the grunts, and they look some-what like a cross between a round-headed snapper and a grunt. They often confused with the Spottail Pinfish because both have a black spot on the caudal peduncle. However, the Silver Porgy's spot is lighter and proportionately smaller. This fish is also lighter in color and has thin yellowish stripes and, often, dark vertical bars.

Occur in clean turbulent waters along open rocky coasts, usually in reef-associated surf areas from 0 to 50 ft (0 - 15 m) deep. Juveniles are frequently found in littoral pools between rocks. Individuals up to 10 cm are caught in shallow waters, often in sandy shores or in sea-grass beds. Usually may be seen singly or in schools of from 10 30 fishes, often in the company of chubs and sea breams.
Shellfish are a major part of their diet and they are equipped with powerful incisor and molar-like teeth to crush and grind shells. Though occasionally seen around rocks and coral reefs, they are not reef dwellers. If attacked, they rely on their speed and agility to outdistance pursuers, rather than hiding in reef crevices. In general, porgies are excellent food fishes, a little too bony. They are excellent game fishes that fight powerfully when hooked, very strong and fast for its size. Averages 6-8 inches; rarely exceeds a pound. Maximum weight is 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg).

During the spawning season, which occurs in late winter or early spring, porgy assemble into schools and move into shallow water to deposit their eggs. Spawning occurs over debris, artificial reefs and around navigation markers. Eggs hatch in about 40 hours at water temperatures of 77 F.

Fishing Methods.
Drifting and Still Fishing using ultralight or light spinning tackle, baited with bits of cut fish or shellfish is a good choice
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