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Fishing pole 18ft telescopic extra hard strong made of 99% carbon manufactured in Japan.

This brand new compact telescopic pole provides superior portability, closed to 2ft, yet extremely sensitive, flexible and versatile. Light weight, 200g allows you to concentrate ground baits in very small areas of water with the utmost accuracy. Blanks are incredibly sensitive: they made of 99% Higher-modulus graphite carbon adopted for the lightness and sensitivity, manufactured in Japan, using Japanese design, engineering and technology.
    Pole has extra sensitive tip and good balance. To evaluate the stress, and also gain the fast power support from butt, high density tape wrapping and micro pitch cross wave graphite technology were adopted inside the blank. Special low resin high tension graphite is wrapping on the butt section for better strength. Extra graphite reinforcement was added on the joint. Upgrade power transfer system by using fast taper mandrill on blank. High quality glossy cosmetic make the rod very elegance.
    Fast to extra fast action makes this stiff rod perfect to detect the slightest bites, while still will have enough Power and strength to land the hardest fighters. 5.4 meters length helps to get you deeper into the brush where large fish hide, in hard to reach places where reel rod just can't.
    This pole is the best choice for Largemouth Bass fishing on a lakes, or Snapper (Baby Bluefish) fishing from the shore. Excellent rod sensitivity will produce much more hook-ups. This pole is great for fishing off breakwaters and hard to fish areas on the rivers or streams, jetties, lakes or ponds, and surf species of fish like Rainbow Trout, Pike, Carp, Crappie, Bluegill, White Perch, Sauger, and many other game fish.
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Sale Price: $70.47


  • 99% High modulus graphite carbon
  • 11 Telescopic sections
  • Folded length: 2.0ft / 60cm
  • Nominal length: 18ft / 5.4m
  • Nominal weight: 7.0oz / 200g
  • Diameter minor: 0.8mm
  • Diameter major: 24mm
  • Soft cotton rod bag, plastic case
  • Rod plug (to protect collapsed rod, remove to extend rod)
  • Screw grip cap (helpful for rod maintenance)
  • Rod has exclusively high performance.
  • Extremely sensitive, flexible and versatile.
  • Each section is balanced to gain the most lifting power.
  • Pole is designed to use without a reel.
  • Last section has strong braid lilian string connected to the tip.
  • This string greatly enhances the sensitivity of the pole for detecting slightest strikes.
  • Line can be attached to lilian string with a single overhand loop on the connector.

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Pole Fishing is great for canals, small Stillwater or commercial fisheries. You can land big fish, including carp, using a pole, and the advantages in skilful bait presentation are outstanding. Several Pole Fishing techniques and methods can be used to catch almost all fish.
    There's a reason that technology has led us to produce fishing rods out of graphite carbon fiber: The structural characteristics of strength and flexibility combined with lightweight and strength. High-modulus carbon reinforced graphite construction for improved sensitivity, delivers greater strength without sacrificing fishing performance. The most credit for spectacularly growing popularity of pole fishing must be given to the tackle manufacturers who continue to produce cheaper, stronger, lighter poles each season. Best quality refers to Japanese equipment from Japanese materials. Design and engineering are concerned the Japanese technology is still the best in the world by far.
    Pole Fishing is an art form. You can't even imagine the fun you got when gently move the pole against the fish to strike, ship the line to you, swing the fish to hand, unhook, re-bait and place pole back in the water ready for the next fish. Just once you try pole fishing, you'll ask yourself why it wasn't sooner.

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