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19ft Daiwa Ryusei 19-N highest performance hera rod manufactured in Japan of 99% Ultra-high density SVF carbon.

Hera rod is the most powerful type of pole rod series. "Hera = herabuna (Carassius cuvieri)", one of the Japanese Crucian Carp, hard fighting fish. Extremely sensitive rod can endure even unthinkable hits of carp with enough power to land the hardest fighters.
Ryusei 19-N, known in Japan as RyuKiyoshi-N, is the top quality Hera rod, best rod on the fishing market. Brand new 5.4 meters rod, extra light weight, 114 gram, easy to carry, collapced to 107 cm. 6 put-in sections easily extend from 3.6ft to 19ft. Very flexible and strong rod is made of a 99% Ultra-high density SVF carbon combines precise resin control with unidirectional carbon fibre manufactured by Daiwa using best Daiwa design, engineering and latest technology includes "Strain Theory" - Daiwa parallel joint spatula pole, "Ultra-high density SVF carbon", "0.9mm Tubular pike", "New design Grip shape" for reducing Mochiomori feeling, "Uneven & grip paint", Intermediate Japanese "Fuemaki paint represent a realistic bamboo".
    New design know-how accumulated during experiments with carbon steel, the material of the innovation, and poured all of the elements, such as changes in the environment, has been developed by Daiwa as a Modern spatula rod Standard (core) forming the "RyuKiyoshi-N". It was used a coordination for each scale with an emphasis on good operability with power that was also corresponds to the increase in the size and you can enjoy a more speedy and comfortable Herabuna fishing.
    Basic balance of top priority setting that we feel even more comfortable with "RyuKiyoshi" by balanced design to produce a lightweight feeling, including a sense of durability weight without breaking. The transfer in the head wind, smooth arc never a break can be obtained by "strain theory" is to exert its true meaning in the corresponding force on the thrust of the spatula Fukachuu.
    The rod provides a tremendously wide variety of fishing Trout jumping for a dry fly on mountain streams or strong fighting Salmon on fast river, fishing Largemouth Bass with live bait on a lake or hard fighting Carp on pond, Striped Bass fishing inshore or Snapper (Baby Bluefish) from the pear. It is great rod for fishing game species like Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Suwannee Bass, Shoal Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Common Carp, Ide, Tench, Crappie, any pan-fish like Roach, Rudd, Bluegill, Longear Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Green Sunfish, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Yellow Perch, Sauger, Zander and many other freshwater and marine game fish.
Daiwa Ryusei-19-N Hera rod
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Daiwa Ryusei-19-N

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Daiwa Ryusei-18-N hera rod
Daiwa Ryusei-18-N hera rod
While looking for an ideal of arc, have been developed new material, design and number of sections for the rod building to create a high basic performance rod with perfect balance, new tip to increase the accuracy, with new grip to enjoy the interaction with the spatula. In a wide range of situations "strain theory" was completed and "RyuKiyoshi" become reign as the standard of the times.
    More feel is setting a comfortable feeling with the "RyuKiyoshi" by the balanced design to produce a lightweight feeling, including the basic of Mochiomori sense top priority balance. "Stock theory" make possible to create never interrupted obtained smooth arc, exerts its true meaning in the corresponding force against transfer in head wind, thrusting of the spatula of Fukachu.

Daiwa Ryusei-18-N Hera rod
Daiwa Ryusei-18-N Hera rod
This compact rod provides superior portability, yet extremely versatile, it is incredibly sensitive, super fine stroke, and still will have enough strength to land the hardest fighters. This new construction design make this rod the lightest, strongest and most sensitive rod ever developed. It allows you to place your bait exactly where you want it, as quietly as possible. Rod allows to get you deep into the brush where large fish hide, to get the live baits or spoons in hard to reach places where reel rod can't. It will increase your comfort and allows you for hours of fishing without arm fatigue, to be able to concentrate ground baits in very small areas of water and be able to fish outside, over or above of your feed area with the utmost accuracy. This rod has high level of sensitivity and decent level of power with the rod's extra-sensitive tip, which allows you to feel even the smallest bites.

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DAIWA TECHNOLOGY to reach the top of the Hera big game rod

Daiwa parallel joint spatula pole of the essence: "Strain Theory".

Daiwa Ryusei-18-N hera rod
The degree of completion of the "ideal of realization = strain theory of arc", accuracy has continued the theory to make for each section. It is a "strain theory" that embodies it in the carbon rod for every bent section as the fulcrum to make a firm rod. The even bent stretched firmly root as part of the curve. The force is not constant, the transfer is not focused, tip is soft, and the bottom is hard. Beautifully smooth vertex movement is leading to the end of this iteration easily and accurately. Since the tip ~ body ~ base rod, all sections will turn to the good order very natural, and the combined from the transfer of the gimmick, and Inashi, can be carried out without stagnation flow of up to incorporation because they perfectly doing their job.

Ultra-high density SVF carbon.

Daiwa Ryusei-18-N hera rod
In carbon sheet that affect most rod performance, Daiwa focused on improvements to the resin amount that is responsible for the adhesive of a carbon fiber high elasticity. SVF is, material that was able to reduce the amount of resin further than HVF carbon, was achieved increasing power and weight reduction, and without shaking a sharp performance by increasing the degree of adhesion of the carbon fiber in the hot press process. By increasing the density of carbon fiber by reducing the amount of resin which can be called the excess fat was developed a finer rod, stronger, more muscle, more sensitive and lighter. By carbon is densified on behalf of the resin, thereby realizing the small side of the power light. The action is ultra fast and the notorious torque is reduced to a minimum.

0.9mm diameter tubular pike.

Daiwa Hienhou-Rekka-S-18 hera rod
Pole destination lightly missing a good tubular pike. Even better thinned drainage reduces suit of delay along with the nimble operability. Lantern delicate invitation with a small action in pike is over the large load, etc., Yawaraesa of transfer also made without stress. Also Karaman pike improve the further operability even if small-diameter reduction.

Grip shape that fits in the palm.

Daiwa Hienhou-Rekka-S-18 hera rod
Daiwa developed a grip shape that reduce the Mochiomori feeling as much as possible, and does not have fatique even if they hold it a long period of time. To improve the taper launch of the front, and improve the fit. The original part of the grip has loosely the taper of that does not slip in the hand. There is an advantage in that it is difficult to put a burden on hand at the time of exchange as well as to reduce the Mochiomori. Mochiomori Set in large, thick for the relief. Although its own weight increases, total balance is greatly improved by the synergistic effect of the weight of the material.

Uneven & grip paint.

Daiwa Hienhou-Rekka-S-18 hera rod
To create irregularities by knitting the two yarns of different thicknesses and improved grip. Because on the grips are a thick coating grip coating slip, and without slipping even when wet, it is easier to take even clogged bait.

Appearance of commitment texture was faithfully represent the Kazusao.

Daiwa Hienhou-Rekka-S-18 hera rod
Review and real structure clause bamboo areas of bamboo land is allowed to emphasize the bamboo eyes, set in darker in order to have a more profound feeling. Represent a realistic bamboo eyes in verse passage, craftsmen were processed "hand wiping" finish. For manual, and has a difference of texture in one by one good meaning.
    Finishing the actual gloss close to the lacquer clear of Tsuyatake-chi of stereoscopic effect and bamboo land Fuemaki, the expression a step with texture by performing Fuemaki paint.

Different isometric design pattern pole to the pole with isometric weight led and put an end to the thickness and adds to that relay number can significantly change just bad balance in one design pattern has been made. Adopt a "RyuKiyoshi" would be best in the whole place, while "whistle volume" pattern of greenish Brown color for each design, so all isometric different patterns of greenish color. The isometric section number claiming individuality as the "RyuKiyoshi" common yet, such as whistling, volume weight and distance whistle volume of different designs.

Impression of using DAIWA RyuKiyoshi Hera rod

Daiwa field tester: Satoshi raw Izawa: "RyuKiyoshi" is a rod that serves as a reference for my spatula pole.
Daiwa Hienhou-Rekka-S-18 hera rod
I think strong Herabuna fishing is providing more stick to the strong fishing hobby and one thing, among them especially if they have to be loyal to a strong fishing pole rod.
    Mouthful to say when fishing the Herabuna fishing depends on situations, how it goes to bite according to the mood of the day in the strong rod pounding, and when you want to fishing or leisurely sipping to play spatula supple rod, and relax with a pole to pull the taste, I think in honestly, there is no pole which is the best, for me this time released the rod is "RyuKiyoshi" condition criteria.

"RyuKiyoshi" was originally for Daiwa first pole of the "stock theory", also for the first time for me only strong pole of feelings that I am allowed to participate in the spatula rod building a full-fledged carbon in addition a new element to the perfection of "Theory" as well as the increased maturity of the rods in the hands again when I will be happy to provide rod that is a lot more fun to the fishing scene that came into my head, I was excited.
    Until the wild fishing in Herabuna fishing style in the center of the field I have to go down in the style of fishing morning shallow Dana from including large up to 24 feet spatula of narrowing Tsu to fill in the field of boulders in the river flow from chatting with fishing in any situation until is assumed.
    You may, of course, select the other rods under certain circumstances. But to choose as eventually most reliable, most trusted tackle limited to changing situations at this time would be "RyuKiyoshi". High operation and fishing taste (flavor) were acclaimed in a new "RyuKiyoshi", it was originally added a little strength, and its ease of polish shine took.
    It is not limited to the performance of just a simple fishing rod, the performance of the diameter of the tip at the time of transfer obtained during the fight in jump and fly out of the water and the combined goodness of drainage, and the good sense of security, and comfortable grip to enjoy sensuously the Herabuna fishing.
    I have to go down to a comfortable and enjoy fishing a sensory element. Especially for grip is my own prototype to your fishing rod to machine throughout the season and are quite confident in only to highly recommend it.
    I am glad if you can feel the "commonplace operations fun of that can be made comfortable by the commonplace". In addition, this is a functional and quaint appearance, while adhering to a point that I have is that I enjoy the most.
    If blue shine in DAIWA HERA F is in the blue sky, "RyuKiyoshi" in bamboo flute of greenish brown whistle winding color up to blend into the natural penetration in landscape of the field and to get a sense of design.
    Get sense of satisfaction but never flashy, with their presence and neighborhood pond field at Mountain Lake. In particular, fishing rod maker who is the favorite of the sophisticates to "RyuKiyoshi" pole of medium to long especially for those that usually have been patronizing the sum pole.
    With the "RyuKiyoshi" Herabuna fishing will be more enjoyable, the feeling that I got is giving a new interest of the Herabuna fishing. I discover a new fun of fishing and I believe that.

Daiwa field tester: Yu Hamada: "RyuKiyoshi" is excellent thing to me in response to competition from large aim.
Daiwa Hienhou-Rekka-S-18 hera rod
First impression of my "RyuKiyoshi" rod was "Great speed match recent tournament rod". Here I think trends common to wild fishing, fishing in the field in a few years, can be as a trend for large-sized Herabuna. Of course, depending on the age of the tools and selection of bait is going to see their own use in the recent trend of the rod, as shallow Dana fishing in the broad age, the Lantern "Arahoshi TakeTakashi" for different broad had become many.
    "Strain Theory", with the "kill" is broad in fine yarn to balance the pole with no trick for excellent performance to capture by Inashi well with the balance of the rod in the filament. "Arahoshi TakeTakashi" the power to float also raised even without pulling force on the pole to provide outstanding performance, "RyuKiyoshi" of this time it can be said that "dexterous pole" that will doing that either.

Firmly push rod to force to it, and a light, as the Target into a large-scale to even put on body armor and firmly until the rods work because they help to fight a severe situation, even when high Activity Capture Speed of the game in the game of pull of the rod can be adjusted in the time of capture technology have outgrown to rapid for large-size Herabuna for a form of evolution and I think you could say that.
    It is notable at this time improved a good sense of the versatility and the overall improved sense balance, not just shorter in length, also medium- and long has been greatly improved usability. I'm special mention power is, of course, but notable I believe transfer performance.
    It is in fishing in both groups new stated periods, including shallow new using managed fishing spot in the meetings and Convention, in with explosive power as long set fishing and Pele air tends to focus its power just is, but actually effects of transfer performance is always an important factor when fishing. It is common even in wild fishing.
    I think on the most difficult to think about the total balance of the rod and Dodge is not effective on the transfer performance of the rod, and this balance is the top priority to go along with the development of the "RyuKiyoshi" up and I think one of the biggest and excellent features of.
    In addition, the grip to resort of confidence as I do not have to," said rods on the strong commitment with the anatomy, "RyuKiyoshi" shape from short to long and force by virtue of the slip-resistant coating that are not required in thanks to the force is not being environmentally friendly building in body, and I feel very standard, as well as the appearance of calm that I really like.
    "RyuKiyoshi" from Herabuna fishing to enjoy slowly and fellow, and finished in the pole you are able to support the wide range of really spatula nurses to hardball tournament. Herabuna fishing basics, and to feel the depth it is recommended that it is optimal rod.
    "RyuKiyoshi" is being to enjoy fishing slowly and fellow, and finished in the pole you are able to support the wide range of really spatula nurses to hardball tournament.
    If a department to fishing depth of the Basic, and you feel it's the best fishing rod is recommended.

Hera Fishing is one of the most efficient and effective methods of catching almost any fish swimming in any waters: canals, shores, small still pocket waters or commercial fisheries, natural lakes and ponds, fast flowing mountain streams and rivers. You can land big fish using a hera rod, and the advantages in skilful bait presentation are outstanding. You can't even imagine the fun you got when gently move the rod against the fish to strike, ship the line to you, swing the fish to hand, unhook, re-bait and place rod back in the water ready for the next fish.
    Hera Rod Fishing is the greatest sport that is allied with the conversation of our fish while enjoy a day stream. Fishing comes with a real pleasure and joy derived from fishing because it has long been termed "an Art". Hera rod provides a tremendously wide variety of fishing, from catching Bass with nightcrawlers on lakes, Trout on a fly on mountain streams, a Pike on live bait on a river, Carp with corn or Catfish with chicken liver on a pond, Striped Bass fishing off shore.
    The most credit for spectacularly growing popularity of Hera rod fishing must be given to the tackle manufacturers who continue to produce cheaper, stronger, lighter rods, rods each season. Best quality refers to Japanese design, engineering and technology, Japanese equipment and materials are still the best in the world by far. Daiwa is the No. 1 rod manufacturer in the World makes sure that its extremely high quality standards, "Daiwa quality", are observed regardless of where the product is manufactured.

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