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Daiwa Hera rod F-18 high performance extra light strong sensitive made in Japan of 99% Ultra-high density SVF carbon.

Hera rod is the most powerful type of pole rod series. "Hera = herabuna (Carassius cuvieri)", one of the Japanese Crucian Carp, hard fighting fish. Extremely sensitive rod can endure even unthinkable hits of carp with enough power to land the hardest fighters.
New construction design makes Hera F-18 lightest, strongest and the most sensitive rod, one of the best Hera rod ever developed in the fishing industry. Brand new 5.4 meters rod, collapced to 121 cm, extra light weight, 83 gram, easy to carry. 5 put-in sections easily extend from 4ft to 18ft. The rod is made of a 99% Ultra-high density SVF carbon combines precise resin control with unidirectional carbon fibre manufactured by Daiwa using best Daiwa design, engineering and latest technology includes "Strain Theory" - Achieve power up the adoption and high taper, "Ultra-high density SVF carbon", "V-joint", "Super Ring Structure" for reducing unpleasant vibration, Combined male and female "High precision double taper alignment" - to produce beautiful bend of the joints in both ball port and Fushishiri, "Spatula dedicated ultra-fine Karaman pike" - performance for bending and drainage, "New tactile painting bag non-slip knitting grip".
    "Hera F" will work, based on the "strain theory", that it was represented in the latest technology, pursuing the basic functions required to spatula pole while taking advantage of maximizing the benefits such as lightness, sharpness of the unique carbon rod. With its tone an emphasis on usability, such as delicate bait hitting or invitation. But you do not feel the power shortage from the preface of their shake-up and handing this to the lightweight and Nagasao. Unimaginable from the sharp operability, and is finished in a unique tone that the sense of power can be easily realized with a truly Jiwari and pole rises of "strain".
    The rod provides a tremendously wide variety of fishing off breakwaters, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, jetties or inshore for fishing Trout with dry fly on mountain streams or strong Salmon on a fast river, fishing Largemouth Bass with live bait on a lake or hard fighting Carp on pond, Striped Bass fishing inshore or Snapper (Baby Bluefish) from the pear.
    This rod is great for fishing Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Suwannee Bass, Shoal Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Common Carp, Ide, Roach, Rudd, Tench, Crappie, Bluegill, Longear Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Green Sunfish, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Yellow Perch, Sauger, Zander and many other freshwater and marine game fish.
Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
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Daiwa Hera F-18

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Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
Lightly sharp power system was realized by the fusion of X torque and strain theory. The top of the rod is equipped with a dedicated extra-fine Karaman spatula stuck for the drainage performance and highly lightly bending of the 1.0mm diameter tubular tip. All section smoothly finished, adopted the paint to change the look to red-brown-green in sunlight. In addition, a male-female taper and taper adjustment was adopted to produce a beautiful bend of the joints make tapered to Fushishiri both ball-and-mouth new knitting.

Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
This hera rod allows you to place your bait exactly where you want it, as quietly as possible. It allows to get you deep into the brush where large fish hide, to get the live baits or spoons in hard to reach places where reel rod can't. It will increase your comfort and allows you for hours of fishing without arm fatigue, to be able to concentrate ground baits in very small areas of water and be able to fish outside, over or above of your feed area with the utmost accuracy. This rod has high level of sensitivity and decent level of power with the rod's extra-sensitive tip, which allows you to feel even the smallest bites.

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DAIWA TECHNOLOGY to reach the top of the Hera big game rod

This curve is what you have imaged the bend data under the same conditions. An emphasis on operability on the kick point slightly increasing the power of the tip than a conventional long-only rod-based. It create enough power to Motatsukanai intention to hand performance and to transfer the lose head wind by especially successful bending the body. Also while reviewing the grip, Mochionori feeling was greatly reduced while fishing with a single to both dumplings depth of shallow.

Achieve power up the adoption and high taper of the "Strain Theory".

Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
The degree of completion of the "ideal of realization = strain theory of arc", accuracy has continued the theory to make for each section. It is a "strain theory" that embodies it in the carbon rod for every bent section as the fulcrum to make a firm rod. The even bent stretched firmly root as part of the curve. The force is not constant, the transfer is not focused, tip is soft, and the bottom is hard. Beautifully smooth vertex movement is leading to the end of this iteration easily and accurately. Since the tip ~ body ~ base rod, all sections will turn to the good order very natural, and the combined from the transfer of the gimmick, and Inashi, can be carried out without stagnation flow of up to incorporation because they perfectly doing their job.

Ultra-high density SVF carbon.

Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
In carbon sheet that affect most rod performance, Daiwa focused on improvements to the resin amount that is responsible for the adhesive of a carbon fiber high elasticity. SVF is, material that was able to reduce the amount of resin further than HVF carbon, was achieved increasing power and weight reduction, and without shaking a sharp performance by increasing the degree of adhesion of the carbon fiber in the hot press process. By increasing the density of carbon fiber by reducing the amount of resin which can be called the excess fat was developed a finer rod, stronger, more muscle, more sensitive and lighter. By carbon is densified on behalf of the resin, thereby realizing the small side of the power light. The action is ultra fast and the notorious torque is reduced to a minimum.


Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
DAIWA with the design forces takes advantage of the technology to strengthen the joint, to make smooth bend. "V-joint" functions to demonstrate by winding the bias structure carbon sheet portion of the joint of the rod, but to achieve this, it is possible to effect with two main tools. One is clean bend. Because the material overlaps the double joint, we are apt to come up with distortion in the joint will not bend clean when the load is applied to the rod in general. DAIWA explores the bend how clean the pole by wrapping the sheet structure of bias in the joints. The force applied to the joint is distributed well, it help to achieve a clean bend. Futatsu-me strength. In fact, it is the aim of strengthening the structure of the joint by repeating the carbon sheet. Strength is up but the bend does not bend supple, seam become a figure-f, it may not be possible to demonstrate the strength enough. Point, bias structure, realized that it bends supple "V-joint", it is possible to prevent breakage and fully exhibit strength. Technique called "turn to clean" is, he has also led to increased strength of the rod, also it has become possible to finish lighter rod, such as mountain streams and Ayu, sensitive, flexible and with power.

Super Ring Structure for reducing unpleasant vibration.

Super Ring structure produce a lighter weight and roundness that further to the minimum overlap portions of the end of the pole when molded into a cylindrical shape, and the start of winding of the carbon sheet, the twist, corresponding to the powerful pull, wound near as possible to zero. With lightweight, ballistic at the time of operation and pull rod is stabilized by this fine.

Fire color raised the luster.

Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
Stylish design that incorporates the texture of the simple and partially metallic blue color was keynote shine in the sky, so familiar on the surface of the lake.

New tactile painting bag knitting grip is obtained moist and tactile, difficult to slip, even when wet.

Daiwa Hera F-18 rod
New texture grip help you to grasp firmly fit in hand, a new tactile grip hand is hard to slip. New lightweight plug specification under which it is easy to pretend to turn starting from the grip end with an important role in supporting the weight of the pole pull-out at the time. Is the diameter of the grip portion to the optimal thickness, shape or coating, it became difficult to slip and easy to grip by the addition improvements to weave. This grip improvement and by high balance performance easy to operate, it has become less fatigue pole.
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Hera Fishing is one of the most efficient and effective methods of catching almost any fish swimming in any waters: canals, shores, small still pocket waters or commercial fisheries, natural lakes and ponds, fast flowing mountain streams and rivers. You can land big fish using a hera rod, and the advantages in skilful bait presentation are outstanding. You can't even imagine the fun you got when gently move the rod against the fish to strike, ship the line to you, swing the fish to hand, unhook, re-bait and place rod back in the water ready for the next fish.
    Hera Rod Fishing is the greatest sport that is allied with the conversation of our fish while enjoy a day stream. Fishing comes with a real pleasure and joy derived from fishing because it has long been termed "an Art". Hera rod provides a tremendously wide variety of fishing, from catching Bass with nightcrawlers on lakes, Trout on a fly on mountain streams, a Pike on live bait on a river, Carp with corn or Catfish with chicken liver on a pond, Striped Bass fishing off shore.
    The most credit for spectacularly growing popularity of Hera rod fishing must be given to the tackle manufacturers who continue to produce cheaper, stronger, lighter rods, rods each season. Best quality refers to Japanese design, engineering and technology, Japanese equipment and materials are still the best in the world by far. Daiwa is the No. 1 rod manufacturer in the World makes sure that its extremely high quality standards, "Daiwa quality", are observed regardless of where the product is manufactured.

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Size: Length 5.4 meters / 18 ft
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