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12ft Surf Casting Fishing Rod made of 97% Carbon manufactured in Japan.

Brand new 12 ft telescopic surf casting rod; lightweight, just 270g, very compact 70cm, easy for long cast, easy to carry and excellent for travel. The rod is made of a 97% High Modulus Graphite Carbon manufactured in Japan, using Japanese Design, Engineering and Technology. Special low resin high tension graphite on the blank and cross wave enhancement are wrapping inside each blank for an outstanding powerful rod. Accurate weight calculation of each section builds this a good balance fighting match.
    This compact telescopic rod provides superior portability, yet extremely sensitive, lightweight and versatile. Extremely light, well balanced and manageable with a parabolic action for precise casting this is a strong and stiff rod which promises a good casting ability of long distance.
    The lightweight, high-modulus graphite blank is incredibly sensitive and will detect the slightest bites, and still will have enough strength to land the hardest fighters. You will have a real pleasure with this rod when fishing inshore for saltwater species like Flounder, Black Sea Bass, Porgy. This rod is the best choice for fishing Fluke, Snapper Baby Bluefish or other small game fish from the shore.
    The extended length of the rod makes it well suited for most fishing situations on any size streams, lakes and rivers, or offshore where it's always necessary to cast very far. This rod is good for fishing off breakwaters, rivers or streams, lakes or ponds, jetties, and inshore. It is a great rod for freshwater species like Largemouth Bass or Smallmouth Bass, Carp or Rock Bass on a lakes, Rainbow Trout or Pike, Walleye or Crappie on a stream, Catfish or Perch on a river. This rod is perfect for young kid or for the true professional. This Ultra-portable rod is ideal for backpacking, great for air travel. You can carry it on the plane and every where you go.

Surf Casting Rod Surf-F1-57-2-3607
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Sale Price: $67.80

Fishing Rod Surf-F1-57-2-3607

  • 97% High Modulus Carbon
  • Nominal Length: 12ft / 3.6m
  • 7 Telescopic Sections.
  • Folded Length: 2.4ft / 70cm
  • Extended Length: 3.48m
  • Standard Weight: 9.5oz / 270g
  • Casting Weight: 15-30g
  • Diameter Major: 24.8mm
  • Diameter Minor: 2.0mm
  • Rod End Protector
  • Screw Butt Cap
  • Rod carying case.
  • Exclusively high performance rod is very flexible and strong.
  • Rod is balanced to gain the most lifting power.

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Very Light Weight allows you to fish all day without arm fatigue, to be able to place baits or cast lure in very small areas of water and be able to fish outside, over or above of your feed area with the utmost accuracy. Flexibility, Medium Action makes this rod perfect for casting ground baits, float rigs or lure and uses it for fish of all sizes. It allows you to see the most delicate fish bites. Telescopic fishing rod is designed to collapse down to a short distance and open to a long rod. This makes the rod very easy to transport or to travel.
    The most credit for spectacularly growing popularity of fishing must be given to the tackle manufacturers who continue to produce cheaper, stronger, lighter rods each season. Best quality refers to Japanese equipment from Japanese materials. Design and engineering are concerned the Japanese technology is still the best in the world by far. And as a result we have High Performance, Power, and Accuracy in Casting, Light Weight, and Incredible Sensitivity.

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