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Slim body pole float stream-lined design extrimely sensitive ultra light.

If there is one float for all round work, then this is the one. Long slim balsa body, high visibility bristle with orange, green and yellow stripes and long carbon stem for stability make this pole float perfect for pellet or chopped worm fishing for canals and 'on the drop' fishing. It is great for all-round fishing, sit very well in the water even in windy conditions providing very stable, the best possible presentation. Brilliant for shallow fishing, or fishing down the edge. The body is very thin and doesn't have a lot of buoyancy, it provides minimal resistance on the strike allowing more fish to be hooked.
    It is very easy to keep the balance using this float with the weight of lead and hook together that will help angler catch the signal of bite. Very long stem helps to change the shots on the line to sink the float down or up whatever necessary for the place where you are fishing. Extra long bristle makes it easy to read the most delicate bites even in poor water conditions. Designed to create the least resistance for these delicate feeders the slim body float shape promotes perfect bite indication.

  • Made to the very highest standards and designed for finesse fishing.
  • Long carbon stem
  • Body is made of Phragmites australis Balsa wood.
  • Long solid fiberglass bristle.

  • Floats are not sold separately.

    Shipping is FREE when purchase with a rod.

      Slim Body #3

    • Total Length: 15.5in
    • Body Diameter: 7.5mm.
    • Body Length: 4.5in

    Sale Price: $4.97

      Slim Body #2

    • Total Length: 15in
    • Body Diameter: 7mm.
    • Body Length: 4in

    Sale Price: $4.67
  • Made to the very highest standards and designed for finesse fishing.
  • Carbon stem is very strong and very light.
  • Balsa body is bulrush, that is very floating and very strong.
  • Very long stem allow use it in any fishing environment, on a still pond, shalow lake or fast river or stream.

  • The first rule of fishing is to find the place where your fish is hiding and the second rule is to present your bait in such a way that the fish do not know that it conceals a hook. You should place enough shot on the line to sink the float right down so as little as possible is showing above surface, providing you can still see it comfortably. The amount of float sticking out of the surface is roughly proportional to the amount of resistance the fish feels when it takes the bait. Pole fishing offers the eventual when it comes to the second law and that is why the pole is the first choice of most anglers who demand the ultimate in bait presentation.
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