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Travel 20" Fishing Landing Net with telescopic handle from 3.7ft to 18ft made of Carbon manufactured in Japan.

Great values brand new, superior quality collapsible telescopic fishing landing net 20in diameter, suitable for big game fish fitted with extending 5 telescopic sections graphite Carbon handle, giving an overall length of 5.4m with a 50cm head. Telescopic handle easily extends to 18ft or collapses to 3.7ft with a simple up and down motion! It is light weight to help avoid those annoying and time consuming tangles that you get when scooping up your fish. If you are fishing from a pier, boat, rocks, or other structures, surf or shore fishing, lake fishing or river fishing this net is your best and the only solution to easily and conveniently pull large fish out of the water without breaking the rod and/or loosing the fish. It is very compact and best for travel.

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Shipping Package Length: 44"
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Sale Price: $99.60


  • Graphite Carbon handle.
  • Strong Aluminum Frame.
  • 5 Telescopic Sections.
  • Nominal Length: 18ft/5.4m
  • Folded Length: 3.7ft/110cm
  • Weight: 21oz/600g
  • Net Diameter 50cm/20in
  • Net Depth: 30in
  • Handle Diameter Min: 16mm
  • Handle Diameter Max: 25mm
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap.
  • The netting is very soft but strong fish friendly nylon.
  • This net for every type of angling need: from offshore salmon to shore fishing panfish.
  • The deep mesh allows to dissamble the net with fish still in the net without fear of the fish escaping.
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Folded length allows to have a net in your trunk without breaking it. It allows to get the net with you on the plane for a fishing trip. Light Weight allows you netting big fish without being too heavy to hold. Total Length allows you to fish from the pier or boat, shore, pond or stream.
    It is really up to the job of netting big fish without being too heavy to hold. It is suitable for all kind of big fish including salmon, Largemouth Bass, Pike, Carp, Blue Catfish or Flathead Catfish, Trout, even crabs. Great for small or big game fish like Great muskle, Bluefish or Striped Bass
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