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Daiwa PRESSA DRY 2-52-ENTO-F Inter-line rod 17.5ft telescopic powerful sencitive flexible made of 98% HVF carbon

5.25 meters Daiwa InterLine rod PRESSA DRY 2-52-ENTO-F is a powerful standard model of Isogami rod corresponding to Fukase fishing from shore wave. It has an excellent High-level capabilities (far throw 1-3 section) Mochiomori with few feelings in the low center of gravity design. Rod designed with the latest revolutionary technology utilize the incredible High volume fibre carbon, produce a fine diameter blank that resists twisting, eliminating blank stress, creating better casting accuracy, smoother drag pressure and greater hook setting power. It is equipped with super water-repellent inner dry processing and contact 165 degrees angle of water droplets. Rod is very sencitive and flexible, it can be used to smooth (5g or so) delicate light and float mechanism.
    The guideless blank allows for longer casts, superior action and the strength to overtake hard-fighting species. The reel seat is located closer to the bottom which makes the perfect balance. Rod bends evenly, no stress points provides maximum blank strength, it has 360 degree axially symmetric completely tangle free tip which provides equal performance at any angle. Linear Interline guide structure with the line runs inside the blank, is integrated inside the blank, the blanks true action is optimized, no tangles, no guide breakages, even line control with convenient no tangling storage.
    Line is distributed evenly along the entire spiral structure, decreasing torque, providing smoother retrieves, friction free casting and ultra smooth drag pressure. Decreasing line contact and drag thus increasing cast distance and accuracy by drawing water off the line and keeping the line centred in the rod. By increasing the amount of spirals and deceasing the spiral peak, interline rods have become inherently more sensitive.
Daiwa PRESSA DRY 2-52-ENTO-F rod
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Daiwa Interline PRESSA DRY 2-52-ENTO-F rod
Daiwa Interline PRESSA DRY 2-52-ENTO-F rod
The advantage of using this rod is to eliminate the tangles to guide, feel more relaxing. being able to have a comfortable fishing with little trouble from the shore or beach. Tenacity tone that leads to a sense of stability when moderate tension is multiplied by the fish, can respond well to the big game species, such as Striped Bass, Fluke, Black Sea Bass, Tautog / Blackfish, Steelhead, Large Black Porgy, 40cm Large-Mouth Thick Gree Tail, Bull Trout, Salmon, Northern Pike, and many other marine and freshwater game species.
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Daiwa rod technology used in PRESSA DRY 2-52 ENTO-F to support the linear interline fishing method

Removable SiC top guide.

Daiwa Interline rod PRESSA-DRY
Removable top guide helps easy to maintenance top guide, to adhere most dirt that difficult to remove, such as jellyfish, plankton, seaweed, etc...

One shot threading mechanism.

Daiwa Interline rod PRESSA-DRY
Threading is smooth.

Reel plate seet.

Daiwa Interline rod PRESSA-DRY
Fukase type advance mechanism with plate seet.

Grip end.

Daiwa Interline rod PRESSA-DRY
Daiwa developed a grip leather satin finish non-slip in the hand, that reduce the Mochiomori feeling, and does not have fatique even if they hold it a long period of time. There is an advantage in that it is difficult to put a burden on hand at the time of exchange as well as to reduce the Mochiomori. With small weight increases the total balance is greatly improved by the synergistic effect.

super water-repellent dry.

Daiwa Interline rod PRESSA-DRY
Water droplets contact blank at 165 degrees angle. Dropping the water to the water-repellent surface is rejected even the water droplets are scattered informal small. Out of the concept of playing the water longer, water-repellent performance of high level water droplets do not touch little inner rod. It is possible even droplets's combined linear structure and the water repellency were repelled from the rod inner surface together with the line by "superhydrophobic dry" (by drawing water off the line) it is discharged at once, the long cast smoothly even loading of about 5g.

The Linear Interline structure.
Daiwa Interline rod IL-PROGRAND 4-52-ENTO
The linear structure refers to the structure material, inner surface becomes spiral. The structure allows line runs inside the rod blank instead of guideswhich reduce the stickiness. In addition, because it does not strung film of water between the inside lines and release of smooth yarn is possible. Decreasing line contact and drag thus increasing cast distance and accuracy by drawing water off the line and keeping the line centred in the rod.
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Interline Technology

Smooth bending curve - Interline rods bend evenly, no stress points provides maximum blank strength, unlike guided rods which create an uneven segmented curve with high stress points.
360 degree axially symmetric tip - completely tangle free and provides equal performance at any angle, standard tip guides tangle easily and to get full performance they must be used at the same direction as the line.
No external weight - normal guides add weight, thus the action of the blank is degraded, Interlines guide structure is integrated inside the blank, and no external weight means the blanks true action is achieved.
Torque free - the line is located inside the blank, no guides to provide torque stress points, with many contact points torque and friction is reduced, normal external guides create high friction and torque reducing the life of the blank.
Linear Interline raised spirals - line is distributed evenly along the entire spiral structure, providing smoother retrieves and ultra smooth drag pressure.
No guides - no tangles, no guide breakages, even line control with convenient no tangling storage.
Extremely high sensitivity - with up to 200 linear contact points directly onto highly sensitive carbon, Interlines are inherently more sensitive compared to standard rods, guides are made of materials that absorb vibration "dulling" line sensitivity.
No slack line - standard guided rods can have up to 30 cm's of slack line due to the segmented guide distribution whereas interline provides completely even line distribution, even the subtlest of bites are felt and strikes are instantaneous.
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Always take a good care of your rod.

  • Do not use any substitute materials or wire instead of wire designed to operate with this rod.
  • Do not kink, bend abruptly or otherwise abuse the threading wire. It could damage the rod.
  • Always use the recommended knots for connecting leaders.
  • Do not brush inside; this may damage the inside of the rod.
  • Accumulated water can be removed by whipping the rod.
  • After use rinse out the inside and exterior of the rod with freshwater and whip the rod to remove excess water. Allow to dry before storage.
  • Do not apply oil or lubricant to the inside of the rod as this will impedeline flow.
  • Never lift your catch.
  • Always open and close telescopic rod with a special care.
Cleaning Fishing rod
Cleaning Fishing rod

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Interline rods are highly suited to braid and PE lines, these lines require monofilament leaders and thus leader knots. For optimal performance Interline knots require ultra slim knots for easy line flow. Common leader knots like Twisted Leader Knots and Double Uni's are sufficient but the PE Leader Connection knot for connecting leaders to braided lines for maximum interline performance is suited best. For maximum knot strength apply a quick dry super glue to the knot.
Interline knot
Interline knot
Be careful

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