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23.3ft Highest Performance EP-ZERO-S-00-70M telescopic pole rod manufactured by Daiwa.

EP-ZERO-S is the most popular rod ever developed, the most famous pole rod in the fishing industry. Brand new 7.0 m. rod, extra light Weight, 132 g., easy to carry, collapced to 108cm. 8 telescopic sections easily extend from 3.6ft to 23.3ft. The rod is made of a 99% Ultra-high density SVF carbon combines precise resin control with unidirectional carbon fibre manufactured by Daiwa, using Daiwa Design, Engineering and Technology. Latest technology includes "SVF carbon", "X-torque", "Mega top", "V-joint", "Metakaraman", "Anti-sticking ring", "Section discoloration", new "Bottom wave lasting power", 50cm 1 section multi-length flexible, 65 <-> 70, new "Texture non-skid coating grip".
    Cross wave graphite adopted on the inner sections for less power loss and extra durability, double graphite wrapping joint for more security, which allows all joints to flex more and significantly add speed tension to incredible perfect power recovery for return rod from bending. Extremely light and well balanced, this is a stiff rod which will detect the slightest most delicate bites, and still will have enough strength and power to land the hardest fighters. This compact rod provides superior portability, yet extremely versatile and incredibly sensitive.
    This new construction design make this rod the lightest, strongest and most sensitive rod ever developed, ideal for fishing species like Rainbow Trout, Largemouth Bass, Carp, Northern Pike, Rudd, Tench. This rod is great for many other game fish, it can be used widely from Trout fishing on a streamis to Striped Bass fishing from the shore.

Pole EP-ZERO-S-00-70M Daiwa

  • Ultra-high density SVF carbon: 99%
  • Standard Length: 7.0m / 23.3ft
  • Multi-length flexible: 65 <-> 70
  • Number of sections: 8
  • Collapsed size: 108cm / 3.6ft
  • Standard weight: 132g / 4.62oz
  • Destination diameter: 0.6mm
  • Yuan diameter: 22.6mm
  • Metakaraman tip.
  • Compact hard top cover.
  • Screw butt cap.
  • Padded pole bag and plastic case.
  • Rod is designed to use without a reel.
  • Last section has Metakaraman tip with a little metal sleeve, which preventing tangle and twist yarn.
  • Line can be easy attached to Metakaraman tip.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod
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    Sale Price: $476.70
    International Buyers
    Package dimension: 45x4x4 Please check Maximum Allowed Size for Mails before making a purchace.

    Daiwa rod technology to support the zero fishing method

    Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod
  • "Bottom wave lasting power".
  • And flexibility to focus on the bottom wave lasting power, which is important in zero fishing method technique pour at an angle to the bottom wave from natural drift flow to make a thread has been generalized, find the flow leading to river bottom to automatic, bottom wave I realize at a high level high operability to keep. Blurring of the rod tip at the time of transfer is reduced by carrying the X-torque, Ina necessarily determined. I have made a version up to meet the latest techniques as a leading player of the series exactly zero. The bottom wave keep the item in the height of the big game in support of the filament stands out.
  • SVF carbon.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod In carbon sheet that affect most rod performance, Daiwa focused on improvements to the resin amount that is responsible for the adhesive of a carbon fiber high elasticity. SVF is, material that was able to reduce the amount of resin further than HVF carbon, was achieved increasing power and weight reduction, a performance without a swing sharp increases the adhesion of the carbon fiber in the hot press process. By increasing the density of carbon fiber by reducing the amount of resin which can be called the excess fat was developed a finer rod, stronger, more muscle, more sensitive and lighter. By carbon is densified on behalf of the resin, thereby realizing the small side of the power light. The action is ultra fast and the notorious torque is reduced to a minimum.
  • X-torque.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod When decoy operation a pole, when drawing, the "twist" is only slightly occuring. A variety of disadvantages occur When twisted rod, also, power decline of operability and decreased stability of the drawing, pull-out rod. X-Torque is twisting to prevent the damage caused by (torsion) from load of the tip that occurs when the pendulum opener without bias cross of ± 45-degree twist is to prevent a thorough, improvement of power operability, and also improve the stability of the pull-out dramatically improve the performance of the pole tip.
  • Mega top.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Mega top is a solid carbon, a material which is uniform composition forever. Solid is what make it hardened with resin carbon fiber, but the resin and fiber are aggregated in part, the amount of resin and fiber may change depending on the direction in high-strength carbon. Since it is not uniformly dispersed, can not exhibit the performance of the material is stabilized intensity is would appear on the performance of carbon. Carbon fiber is dispersed evenly, smooth bend more "mega-top". The cross-section of the mega top are spread across the resin and fibers, and the uniform composition by demonstrating performance without loss of carbon, was produce a tip with excellent strength. The high-strength solid entrainment of 1.5 times that of the conventional carbon tip.
    Mega-top Daiwa MegaTop
    Movement of appearance only destination to bend and "tightly" is greater.
    Conventional tip Daiwa MegaTop
    Movement of appearance that the entire tip bends small.
    Allowing accurate variation of the smooth bend carbon fiber is dispersed evenly, improved significantly the density of the carbon fibers. There is tension further, it is equipped with a tip of more delicate, flexible small-diameter 0.6mm without using the property that is stable even strength, sacrificing visual sensitivity. "Keep wave power bottom" in the improvement in tension and thinness of the destination size without the operation of the severe fingertip. Tip bend tightly and nature and stop the rod tip to remit.
  • V-joint.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod "V-joint" is a Daiwa‘s exclusive feature that bias the carbon sheet wrapped around the structure part of the joints of the rod. To draw a beautiful curve less distortion as long as the rod is possible, adopt a carbon sheet of bias structure of mating portion of the section. The carbon fibers follow a 45-degree angle and offer thereby higher strain resistance and a better smoothly bending curve, allows all joints to flex more, greatly reduces power loss, significantly added speed tension power for return, minimizing the vacuum spots of the rod curve at the joints where two sections overlap each other and a rod act like a one-piece construction. It managed to achieve a smooth bending of the joint portion, to exert the performance of high-dimensional power in response sensitivity. Connection section is a life line for zero fishing method for exchanging last minute in fine string, salmon will rampage and shook his head balance is bad. To achieve a balance of power and flexibility in the synergy of "X torque" "V-joint" is, you have to maximize the function of the pole.
  • Metakaraman.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Sensitivity is greatly increased by connecting directly to the tip mechanism, that was not possible with Lilian. The mounting structure part for attaching the mechanism to rotate gimmick out in the distal directions has the effect of preventing tangle and twist yarns.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Attach the hook rotation to create a circle in Chichiwa ahead of heavenly thread.
    Set complete with sideburns picked it until it snaps the cover.
    You can remove the thread if lowering straight cover when removing.
  • Comfortable! Up of prevention performance of yarn cult.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod It is hard to tangle tip so free to rotate cover upper thread out from the center of the tip.
    It is difficult to thread cult (hook) is rotated portion for attaching the thread.
    It is hard to tangle thread also auto in the direction it is facing the pole with a cover.
  • Sensitivity is up.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Sensitivity is a good tip, so move to the movement of the thread because there is no part that extends the case of Metakaraman.
  • Section discoloration, eating together with prevention.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod To prevent the fall section that occurs during actual fishing by making the (irregular part) a small ledge at the top inner surface of the lower section, to create a strong adhesion part. In addition, air layer due to the variant alignment is also prevent sticking.
  • Anti-sticking ring.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Structures applied while changing the number and width of the thickness of the groove section to make an air layer of the junction between the bonding portion of sections (ring) cutting process to prevent sticking, greatly reduce the probability of fixation. Most drawer for inserting and removing the pole section is performed frequently, eliminating the trouble of most annoying fixation.
  • 50cm 1 section multi-length flexible, 65 <=> 70.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod Multi-model utilizing the advantage of 50cm 1 section multi-length collapsible model, can correspond to the width of the river and various points. It can also shorten multi as well as full-length adjustment in a very simple way, the intent and active swim bait to move to the side and a longer hand possible to direct a manner when you shed a passage destination, and use it aggressive to capture big game.
  • New texture non-skid coating grip.
  • Daiwa EP-ZERO-S-00-70M rod New texture grip help you to grasp firmly fit in hand, a new tactile grip hand is hard to slip. New lightweight plug specification under which it is easy to pretend to turn starting from the grip end with an important role in supporting the weight of the pole pull-out at the time.

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    Length allows to get you deep into the brush where large fish hide, It allows to get the live baits or spoons in hard to reach places where reel rod can't. Very Light Weight allows you for hours of fishing without arm fatigue, to be able to concentrate ground baits in very small areas of water and be able to fish outside, over or above of your feed area with the utmost accuracy.
        Fishing with hera rods is great for canals, small Stillwater or commercial fisheries. You can land big fish, including carp, using this rod, and the advantages in skilful bait presentation are outstanding. Hera rod can be used to catch almost all fish. You can’t even imagine the fun you got when gently move the rod against the fish to strike, ship the line to you, swing the fish to hand, unhook, re-bait and place rod back in the water ready for the next fish.
        The most credit for spectacularly growing popularity of pole rod fishing must be given to the tackle manufacturers who continue to produce cheaper, stronger, lighter poles, rods each season. Best quality refers to Japanese Design, Engineering and Technology, Japanese equipment and materials are still the best in the world by far. This rod has been designed and produced by DAIWA SEIKO INC., in the very efficient Daiwa factory in Taiwan from Daiwa Carbon, using best Design, Engineering and Technology by DAIWA. The technological expertise of the Daiwa engineers gives the company world-class resources to produce a high-quality product. Daiwa is the No. 1 rod manufacturer in the World makes sure that its extremely high quality standards, "Daiwa quality", are observed regardless of where the product is manufactured.

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